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Corona Camera - Candrone

Corona Camera

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Daycor Corona Camera

is to reveal corona and pinpoint the exact location

Ofil's DayCor® cameras are used by reliability engineers to prevent and manage equipment failure. Ofil's systems include: bi-spectral UV-Visible cameras and UV imagers classified as Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment. UV inspection complements other technologies such as PD measurement, Infrared, ultrasonic etc. A comprehensive maintenance approach requires inspection by an imaging camera and other available technologies.

Ofil is the market leader manufacturer whose systems are renown for having the highest sensitivity to UV discharge. Ofil's systems are being used globally. DayCor® corona cameras are used by electrical utilities for inspection of high & medium OH transmission lines, Distribution, Substations, Motors' workshops, High-Voltage Laboratories, Mines, Refineries, Heavy industry, Data centers and other, as handheld, airborne, vehicle mounted and standalone railroads.

Facilities' maintenance strategies have changed from, rum-to-fail or time-based management to predictive & condition-based or reliability-centered management thereby reducing operation and maintenance costs. Corona cameras collect data that assists predicting failures patterns and prioritizing preventive proactive activities. Facilities dedicate resources to these proactive maintenances and minimize thereby high repair cost and unexpected shutdown. Reliability management involves using reliable instruments that indicate and pinpoint faults and potential faults on time, precisely, and easily.

Using DayCor® sensitive coronas camera is clearly
an advantageous practice, because it is
» Nondestructive
» Allow inspecting while systems are powered
» Allow inspecting remote objects
» Provide data in real time
» Portray corona in its natural occurrences
» Enable visualizing both the discharges and the
» Provide assessments to the severity of
» Convenient mode of operation, easy & intuitive

» Visualize UVc
» Merge UV & visible imaging
» Amplify UV signals
» Assess severity of corona PD
» Record findings
The solar radiation is being blocked by the Ozone layer
in the UVc range “solar blind” region of 240-280nm. A
fraction of the UV radiation emitted by corona is in this
range. Daytime corona cameras take advantage of this
fact and use special filters to filter in signals generated by
corona in the UVc while filtering out all other. The camera

uses 2 spectral channels: one for corona UV signals and
one for the visible light from the same scene. The UV
channel undergoes amplification processes to enable
seeing the corona. Finally, the camera collects the light from
both channels and presenting a perfectly merged view of the
source of discharge and the discharge itself.

Connect with Candrone

Connect with Candrone

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