DJI L1 UAV LiDAR Kit Rental
DJI L1 UAV LiDAR Kit Rental

DJI L1 UAV LiDAR Kit Rental


    The rental rate for this item is 1399 CDN (1119 USD) per Day. 
    Ask us about our discounted Week/Month pricing for longer projects! 

    The most awaited sensor from DJI and Candrone is one of the firsts to get the L1 LiDAR system. 

    The ultimate Matrice 300 RTK + D-RTK 2 Mobile Station + L1 LiDAR package

    Our rental package also includes a laptop with DJI Terra enabling you to process data during your rental period. 

    This is the best package if you have a project looking to get lidar work done or want to try it before buying

    - DJI L1 LiDAR w/ Matrice 300RTK about 40 minutes of flight time
    - Live visualization of data capture
    - Mission planning via the DJI smart controller and automatic figure 8 maneuvers
    - Supports up to 3 returns per pulse
    - Comes in a rugged Pelican case for safe travels 

    - Video training tutorials
    - Remote desktop support during the rental period
    - Rental includes a laptop with DJI Terra for data processing

    - Vertical accuracy of 5cm and 10cm horizontal
    - RGB camera for colorization of point clouds
    - IP54 Rating
    - Livox Avia sensor

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