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DJI Phantom 3 NDVI/Mapping Drone

DJI Phantom 3 NDVI/Mapping Drone


The Crop Drone Basic is the perfect entry level NDVI mapping drone system, easy to operate and transport. The Phantom 3 NDVI uses cutting edge infrared NDVI UAV camera technology, allowing anyone to easily scout hundreds of acres of crop and get data in a matter of minutes. The Crop Drone Basic camera conversion leads a new generation of precision agriculture UAVs. Want more from the Phantom 3 NDVI? Call today to find out how you can save with our Combo Kits.


Cam Specs 

This is a high quality dual-band NDVI lens with superior contrast between the bands and no spectral cross-talk. This filter easily lets you see where vegetation is thriving and is not. 


Plants absorb visible light and reflect infrared light. By dividing the red channel (Near Infrared Light) by the blue channel (Visible Light) of images captured using this filter the resulting gray-scale image can have a false-color "heat-map" gradient applied to it.


Filter Specifications:

Weight: 0.27g
Diameter: 12.53mm
Thickness: 1.0mm
Optics Material: Glass
Scratch-Dig (MIL-PRF-13830B): <40-20
Peak Transmissions: 90.41% (446nm) + 93.28% (800nm)
Bandwidth: 420-476nm + 764-840nm (>1% Transmission)

The Heli Video Pros NDVI Camera Unit uses the original Sony sensor and image capturing hardware from the X3 Inspire and Phantom camera.  The original  camera has been modified to filter solely Blue + NIR waves in an effort to maximize capability for a broad range of agricultural uses.  Dualband NDVI imaging gives you many of the same benefits of multispectral imaging without the need for large and expensive equipment. Heli Video Pros is continuing to work with ag professionals to develop the most relevant combinations for differing crops and disease identifications.

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