Green Valley LiDAR - LiAir 220
Green Valley LiDAR - LiAir 220

Green Valley LiDAR - LiAir 220

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LiAir 220 UAV LiDAR

The LiAir 220 is the latest UAV-mounted system. The LiAir 220 integrates a 40-channel Pandar40 laser sensor with a 220 meter range making it a go-to solution for power line mapping. An optional high-definition digital camera module is available for those seeking to produce true color 3D point clouds. The LiAir 220 provides a turnkey solution for those requiring both high-accuracy and high-density ground point at an affordable price point.

Acquisition & GNSS/INS Post-Processing Software

LiAcquire is a data acquisition software for device control and real-time data displaying. It integrates an GNSS/INS post-processing module LiNav, which provides tools to process GNSS/INS data acquired by the LiAir system and can generate centimeter-level positioning results for point cloud and image georeferencing. It can also simply generate a system performance report for evaluation with one click.

Mission Planning Software

LiPlan is iPad APP which supports planning ight trajectory, taking o/landing with one-button, performing figure-8 calibration maneuver automatically, and uploading/downloading flight mission to/from LiCloud. LiPlan is a perfect flight control and planning software for users in any industry.

Point density

Liair 220 lidar point density chart



Laser sensor: Hesai Pandar40P

Range Accuracy: ±2 cm

Maximum Range: 220m

System Relative Accuracy: ±5 cm(S220)

POS System Performance: Attitude:(S220) 0.1°(1σ) Azimuth:(S220) 0.1°(1σ)

Onboard storage: 128GB

Ports: Ethernet & USB 3.0

Weight: 4.24kg exl. battery & camera

Dimensions: 1170*208*123.5 mm

Maximum Flight Time: 21 min

Camera: Sony A6000

Route Planning Software: LiPlan (Proprietary)

Acquisition/PP POS Software: LiAcquire (Proprietary)

Vertical FOV: -25°~ 15° 

Horizontal FOV: 360°

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