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ORSOLAR-uas is an oil spill imaging system mounted on a UAS transmitting
visual data of existing oil spill spots. ORSOLAR-uas defines clearly existing
layers of oil spill. The system is offered both on a UAS and as a module for UAS,
with one or more sensors. UV sensor depicts oil spots by looking at solar UV
reflections, while IR sensor depicts oil spill spots due to differences in thermal
emissions of oil and water. UV and IR sensors complement each other both in
their operation time and in the type of information they provide. IR detects
thicker layers of oil slicks of at least10μm-100μm, while UV detects even thinner
layers of oil sheens of at least 0.1μm-10μm including emulsion. The information
provided by the system assists in evaluating the extent of the oil spread, cleaning
efficiency and indirectly infer layers’ thickness. ORSOLAR-uas is a cost effective solution, enables fast mobilisation,
uses up-right takeoff and incurs low cost maintenance. It is remotely operated and enables access to dangerous hard to
get areas. ORSOLAR provides on-time information for speedy response and due to its low operation costs repeated
follow up flights are feasible.

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