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Disinfectant Drone Service

Disinfectant Drone Service

Disinfectant Drone Service

The future of facility disinfecting is here, protect your customers, and create peace of mind. Our drone sanitization spraying technology is up to 100% more efficient and effective than conventional manual spray sterilization processes. 

Robotic disinfecting using drones is designed to sanitize large public venues such as stadiums and arenas. The sanitizing drone requires a single operator, covering up to 50,000 seats within 4-6 hours. The sprayer creates a fog mist that effectively coats all high touch surface areas, which cannot be efficiently applied manually. 

The patented Varigard liquid spray is currently the only bio-based organic sanitizer available on the market that can kill harmful pathogens including COVID-19, Staph, MRSA, E Coli, and Pneumonia on surfaces and protects for up to 24 hours.


  • Significantly reduce labor costs
  • Efficiently cover large spaces
  • Safety and peace of mind

    Our drone sterilization service team is certified and ready for quick deployment across North America. We cater to professional sports organizations like NHL, NBA, NFL, and NCAA College basketball. Kickstart your event, get up and running faster in 2021, contact us today.



    • What is the disinfectant? Water, Peroxide & 100% natural algae polymer.
    • Where does the disinfectant come from? Verigard out of Foly, Alabama.
    • How long does it last? It is effective for 24hrs.
    • Will the disinfectant hurt the basketball court? No. The peroxide-based disinfectant is not harmful to the court’s wax.
    • Does it leave residue? No
    • Is it sticky? No
    • How long does it take to dry? 1 Hr indoors, outdoors it is weather dependant 30min on a warm day – up to 4hrs if its cold.
    • How long can the drone fly for? 12 min
    • How much fluid does it hold? 20L – 5 Gallons
    • Will it hurt the fabric of the seats? No
    • How fast is the process? Approximately 130 seats a min
    • How many ppl does it take to do the job? 0-20,000 seats 2-3 people. 20,000+ 5 people
    • How big are the batteries? 6.4 kg-14 lbs

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