Drone Equipment Rental

Discover the newest Enterprise drones and LiDAR technology without the hefty initial investment. Candrone provides an array of rental drones and sensors, tailored to ensure your project's success. Opting for equipment rental presents an excellent chance to evaluate these high-tech tools in your actual work environment.

Plus, when you're ready to buy, we offer a unique perk: make your trial period free. Your rental fee will be deducted from the total cost of the equipment purchase. Browse our rental fleet of DJI Drones, LiDAR sensors, and Payloads below.


Candrone delivers equipment right to your doorstep, anywhere in Canada and the United States. Conveniently, your rental period begins only when you receive the equipment, ensuring you get the most value and use out of your rental time.

Free Rental

If you decide to purchase within 30 days of renting, Candrone offers a fantastic benefit: 100% of your rental rate will be credited towards your purchase. This means every dollar spent on renting can be fully applied to your eventual purchase, making it a cost-effective and smart choice.

Free Training

Tap into our extensive library of resources to kickstart your journey. Candrone provides a wealth of information and guidance to ensure you're well-equipped and informed from the get-go.