DJI Zenmuse L2 LiDAR

$16,659.00 CAD
Service plan: Zenmuse L2 (NA) SP
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    The Zenmuse L2 represents DJI's cutting-edge LiDAR technology, tailored for seamless integration with the Matrice 300 (With RC Plus Controller) and Matrice 350 RTK drones. This upgraded L2 model is engineered to generate exceptionally precise point cloud data, boasting an impressive capability of up to 5 returns—a feature commonly seen in premium-grade systems. Additionally, it incorporates a state-of-the-art IMU system, enhancing both the quality and efficiency of your data collection process.

    As an integrated LiDAR solution, the L2 leverages robust hardware to facilitate accurate scanning of intricate subjects over extended distances, all while expediting the point cloud acquisition process. In the field, operators can conveniently preview, playback, and process point cloud models on-site. DJI Terra also generates Task Quality Reports, streamlining the workflow and providing a comprehensive, all-in-one solution to enhance overall operational efficiency. This empowers users to attain high-precision point cloud outcomes with streamlined post-processing capabilities.

    Exceptional Precision at Scale

    This solution harnesses the synergy of GNSS technology and a meticulously crafted, high-accuracy IMU, resulting in a remarkable 4cm vertical accuracy and 5cm horizontal accuracy.

    Outstanding Operational

    Efficiency From the moment it's powered on, this system is primed for action, capable of gathering geospatial and RGB data across an expansive 2.5km2 area in just a single flight.

    User-Friendly Operation

    Paired with the Matrice 350 RTK and DJI Terra, the L2 provides an intuitive, turnkey solution designed for ease of use, effectively reducing the operational learning curve.

    30% Extended Detection Range 

    The L2 boasts a remarkable detection range, capable of discerning objects from 250 meters away at 10% reflectivity and under 100 klx lighting conditions. Furthermore, it can detect objects at distances of up to 450 meters when encountering 50% reflectivity and zero klx illumination. Notably, this system allows for a typical operational altitude of up to 120 meters, significantly enhancing both safety and operational efficiency.

    Sharper Laser Spots, Enhanced Point Cloud Density

    Featuring laser spots reduced to a mere 4×12 cm @100m, a fifth of the size compared to L1, the L2 excels in detecting smaller objects with heightened precision. Moreover, this finer granularity enables it to penetrate denser vegetation, resulting in the creation of more precise digital elevation models (DEM) and a denser point cloud.

    Accommodates 5 Returns

    Especially in densely vegetated regions, the L2 has the capacity to capture a greater number of ground points hidden beneath the foliage.

    Enhanced Precision

    The L2 system benefits from a high-precision self-developed IMU system that, when fused with the drone's RTK positioning system during post-processing, provides access to exceptionally accurate absolute position, speed, and attitude data. Additionally, the IMU system's improved adaptability to various environmental conditions enhances both the operational reliability and precision of the L2.

    Yaw Accuracy [

    • Real-time: 0.2°
    • Post-processing: 0.05°

    Pitch/Roll Accuracy 

    • Real-time: 0.05°
    • Post-processing: 0.025°

    Instant IMU Activation

    The IMU system's performance has undergone significant improvement, and it's operational the moment it's powered on. Furthermore, the paired drone is prepared to initiate tasks without delay as soon as the RTK system attains a FIX status, ensuring an optimized in-the-field experience from the outset.


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