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Established in 2009

About us

Welcome to Candrone, where over a decade of industry knowledge and pioneering drone technology converge to offer you unparalleled solutions. Since our inception in 2009, we've been more than just a provider of drone technology; we've been innovators and educators in a field that was once an idea.

The Journey

Our roots trace back to the early days of aerial cinematography and photography, akin to the beginnings of DJI. We started by designing and building R/C helicopters with gimbals and cameras for the film industry, marking our entry into a world where drones were still a novel concept. As an early DJI dealer, we embraced the introduction of the very first Phantom in 2014, offering sales and repairs for these groundbreaking products.

Pioneering Drone Education

Recognizing the need for structured learning in a rapidly evolving field, Candrone created the UAV Ground School course. This initiative was crucial in helping individuals obtain their SFOC for drone operations, helping to pave the way for regulated and safe drone operations.

Evolving with Technology and Regulations

As drone technology and regulations advanced, we saw a surge in interest from major organizations looking to harness this technology for enhanced efficiency and data acquisition. Candrone stepped up, simplifying the adoption and integration of drone solutions by providing comprehensive training alongside our solutions.

Today's Candrone

Now, Candrone stands as a leader in providing enterprise-grade drone and sensor solutions globally. Our mission is to be your one-stop destination for everything you need to make informed, data-driven decisions. We strive to make the process of adopting drone technology seamless and impactful.

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More Than Just Drones

At Candrone, we understand that the true value lies in the insights derived from data, not just the hardware. Our Service teams R&D initiatives continue to push the boundaries of the solutions we offer. We utilize this knowledge to create valuable content to share with our clients.

Our Approach

What sets Candrone apart is our team's hands-on approach and cross-functional collaboration. From sales consultants to drone service experts, GIS specialists, and marketing professionals, we work together to test every piece of equipment in real-world scenarios. This collaborative effort ensures that we offer experience-based consultations and valuable resources to our clients.

Dedicated to Your Success

Our commitment to customer service is unwavering. With a dedicated support team, free training, and a wealth of knowledge shared across departments, we ensure that every interaction with Candrone is enriching. Our Google reviews stand testament to our dedication to excellence.

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