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The DJI Zenmuse H20 Series represents a significant advancement in multi-sensor payload technology, offering a comprehensive solution for a variety of commercial drone applications. This series is DJI's first hybrid sensor solution designed for the Matrice 300/350 RTK, combining multiple sensors to enhance mission efficiency and provide unprecedented aerial imaging capabilities.

The Zenmuse H20 Series includes three main models:

  • H20: A triple-sensor solution with a 20 MP zoom camera, 12 MP wide camera, and a 1200 m laser rangefinder.
  • H20T: A quad-sensor solution that adds a 640×512 px radiometric thermal camera to the H20's capabilities.
  • H20N: Featuring a starlight sensor for enhanced night vision capability.

These sensors are designed for applications in firefighting, search and rescue, law enforcement, powerline inspection, oil and gas, and more, providing users with the tools needed for detailed and efficient data collection.

For those interested in the Zenmuse H20 Series in North America, Candrone is an authorized dealer. Candrone offers not only these advanced sensors but also expert support and guidance to ensure you fully utilize the Zenmuse H20 Series for your specific needs.

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