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DJI Agriculture is revolutionizing agricultural production with its advanced drone technology. Their goal is to simplify modern farming by integrating AI-powered hardware and farming management software. DJI Agriculture's Smart Farm platforms, combined with their signature aircraft systems, offer a full-scale solution for safe and efficient agricultural management.

These solutions save time, increase workflow efficiency, and benefit a wide range of customers, from individual farmers to agricultural cooperatives and service agencies. Whether it's for grain crops like rice, wheat, and corn, or commercial crops such as cotton and citrus trees, DJI Agriculture provides digital, informative, intelligent, and precise field management solutions. These solutions are designed to be convenient, cost-effective, and beneficial for crop quality and yield rate.

DJI Agriculture is committed to strengthening the agriculture industry and benefiting farmers everywhere. For those interested in exploring the potential of DJI Agriculture drones, Candrone is a reliable dealer that offers these innovative solutions, along with expert advice and support.

Concerned about complying with regulations and certification needs for operating the Agras drone?

We offer comprehensive training and assistance with SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) applications. Request a quote for additional information!

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