Drones Solutions for Forestry & Environmental Management

Best drones for Forestry management

We understand that forests are the lifeblood of our planet, encompassing a significant portion of the world's biodiversity. In today's world, where the sustainability of forests is crucial yet challenged, Candrone steps in with drone solutions to aid in a healthier, more sustainable future for our forests.

Explore our range of drones, sensors, and software solutions specifically designed for the Forestry and Environmental Consulting sector below. Don't hesitate to contact our team for a consultation.

Why use drones in Forestry

Drones, equipped with advanced sensors like LiDAR and multispectral cameras, offer unparalleled precision and detail in forest mapping, tree inventory, and conservation monitoring.

Beyond Satellites

While satellites have traditionally been used for monitoring, they often fall short in terms of image quality and detail. Drones fill this gap with high-resolution, real-time imagery, even in challenging climates. Our drone, high-resolution cameras, and LiDAR technology ensure focused coverage, yielding faster and more high quality data.

Mapping with LiDAR

Dive into the future of forestry with UAV LiDAR solutions. Advanced technology and software enables you to calculate individual tree heights, map forest coverage, and assess vegetation density with unparalleled accuracy. Our drones penetrate dense canopies, producing detailed Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) that bring the forest to your fingertips.

3D Forest Structure Analysis

Drone based LiDAR systems reveal the vertical complexity of forest canopies, offering insights into tree health and forest density that were previously unattainable.


Censys Sentaero 5

Made in the USA, the Sentaero can carry various payloads for large scale mapping, surveying, inspection or surveillance applications.

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