Drones Solutions for Mining Industry

Best Drones for Mining Exploration Industry

Welcome to Candrone, where the future of mining efficiency and safety takes flight. We specialize in providing the mining industry with unparalleled aerial solutions. Our drones solutions, equipped with advanced sensors like LiDAR, are designed to revolutionize your mining operations.

We offer a variety of drone technology to suit every aspect of mining operations. Whether you need a drone for surface mapping, underground inspections, or environmental monitoring, we have the right tool for the job. Browse our portfolio of products below and contact our team for a consultation.

Why use drones in exploration

Drones are not just flying cameras; they are sophisticated tools that enhance mining exploration. With drones, you can obtain clear and accurate maps of even the most rugged terrains, ensuring precise excavation planning.

Enhanced Safety and Risk Management

Safety is paramount in the mining industry. Drones facilitate hazard identification, allowing you to correct potentially dangerous site features without putting personnel at risk. This technology has been researched and proven to significantly improve safety standards.

Efficient Stockpile Management:

With our drone solutions, measuring volumes of stockpiles becomes a task of precision and ease. Our drones collect data from hundreds of points, ensuring accurate volume calculations and effective stockpile management.

Detailed Monitoring and Inspection

Drone solutions provide high-resolution aerial views for close inspection of drill patterns, blasting results, and overall site conditions. This level of detail supports effective decision-making and operational efficiency.

Environmental Compliance and Reclamation

Drone solutions are instrumental in environmental monitoring and reclamation efforts. They provide the data necessary to manage your site in alignment with environmental regulations and restore land post-mining operations.

Long-Range VTOL

Censys Sentaero 5

Made in the USA, the Sentaero can carry various payloads for large scale mapping, surveying, inspection or surveillance applications.

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