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Over 70% of mining enterprises worldwide have implemented drone technology into their mining sites. Drones are a viable solution for inefficiencies as well as hazardous and dangerous environments for crews. They provide valuable insight and promote time-saving data-driven decision making.

Recent improvements in drone and sensor technologies, in conjunction with evolving governmental regulations, are fueling further adoption. If you are a mining company and are not using the latest in technology including drones and Lidar, you may be losing out on valuable opportunities to increase profitability.

Top Three Advantages

Efficient DATA

Track progress daily
or weekly with thermal
and geographic datasets


Explore for minerals,
track equipment and


Limit risk and costs
by surveying sites
for dangers

Mining Filed


  • Surveying mining pits can be dangerous to ground crew performing traditional methods, furthermore these methods can be disruptive to other mining activities.
  • The progressive nature of mining requires frequent monitoring and surveying with manned aircraft that can cost companies up to millions per year.
  • Inadequate point-density data and human error from ground survey methods can make data less useful.


  • Safety & Efficiency: Drone remote sensing technology eliminates the need for sending in ground crews and can be conducted with minimal to no disruptions to mining operations.
  • Active Monitoring: Flight automation enables organizations to collect quality data at regular intervals at minimal costs, thus allowing stakeholders a clearer picture of daily operations.
  • Quality Data: On-board processing power and sensor accuracy has substantially increased and, when equipped on a drone, allows for robust deployment and more frequent data acquisition.

    Dense point-clouds from drone and Lidar systems enable operators to extract valuable information such as volumetric & stockpile calculations in addition to 3D modelling.

Some of the biggest hurdles that companies face when attempting to adopt drone technology is product selection, the operational learning curve and navigating regulations. We provide our clients with end-to-end solutions to help them get the jumpstart needed to confidently use drone technology.

Our clients have relied on us to get the right equipment, training and support, which has resulted in countless successful integration of UAV and sensor technologies into mining operations. It has increased safety and efficiency, ultimately reducing costs on all sites.

Example Videos

Lidar For Mining

Lidar For Mining

Visualizing a Sand Barge in LiDAR360

Visualizing a Sand Barge in LiDAR360

Hovermap indoor scannin

Hovermap Indoor scanning

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