DJI Flighthub 2

$135.00 CAD
Subscription: Monthly
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    DJI FlightHub 2 is an innovative, all-in-one cloud-based drone operations management platform designed to provide comprehensive, real-time situational awareness for drone operations. This platform is engineered to assist in planning drone missions, supervising fleet operations, and managing the data generated, all within a secure cloud-based environment.

    Flighthub 2 is Compatible with:

    • Dock 2
    • Matrice 30 Series
    • Matrice 300/350 Series
    • Mavic 3 Enterprise Series

    Key Features of DJI FlightHub 2

    • Comprehensive, Real-Time Situational Awareness: FlightHub 2 offers tools to master your mission environment, including a 2.5D Base Map that integrates elevation data with satellite maps for enhanced terrain awareness.
    • One-Tap Panorama Sync: Easily create and upload 360° overviews to the cloud, enhancing aerial awareness for all team members.
    • Cloud Mapping: Generate RGB or infrared orthomosaic maps for detailed awareness of your mission environment.
    • Mission Live Streaming: Connect multiple users to drone operations simultaneously with low latency, high-resolution live streaming.

    Enhancing Operations with Cloud-Based Modeling

    FlightHub 2 introduces cloud-based modeling and FlyTo tasks, allowing operators to generate high-precision 3D models from flight data. This feature streamlines flight route editing, enables AI spot-checks, and supports live flight controls, significantly improving operational efficiency and safety.

    Unified Management from the Cloud

    The platform facilitates route planning, mission management, and media management directly from your computer, using the 2.5D Base Map for previewing expected results and ensuring flight safety. It also allows for scheduled drone operations with DJI Dock, enhancing remote work capabilities.

    Security and Compatibility

    DJI FlightHub 2 prioritizes data security, employing best-in-class measures to protect user data integrity. It supports devices like the Matrice 30 Series, Matrice 300 RTK (with H20 Series Payload), and DJI Dock, among others.

    Choose Your Plan

    FlightHub 2 offers a Standard Version for free and a Professional Version with expanded features, including unlimited project creation, live streaming minutes, and extensive cloud storage.

    DJI FlightHub 2 is a powerful tool for drone fleet management, offering an integrated solution for enhancing the efficiency and safety of drone operations across various industries.

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