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GreenValley International offers a range of high-accuracy LiDAR systems, including the LiAir X3-H Airborne Laser Scanner, LiGrip H300 Handheld Laser Scanner, LiBackpack DGC50H Backpack Laser Scanner, and LiMobile Standard Mobile Laser Scanner. These advanced tools are ideal for various applications, from environmental monitoring to urban planning, providing precision and ease of use.

For those in North America looking to access GreenValley International's innovative LiDAR technology, Candrone is your authorized dealer.Β We not only supplies these high-quality products but also provides expert support and guidance to ensure you get the most out of your LiDAR systems. By choosing Candrone, you benefit from reliable customer service and in-depth knowledge of GreenValley International's products.

Order your GreenValley International LiDAR systems from Candrone to experience top-notch technology backed by exceptional support and service. Candrone is committed to helping you achieve the best results in your laser scanning and mapping endeavors.

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