Don't make this mistake with DJI drones

by Van Dinh on April 26, 2021  in dji flysafedji unlockinghow to unlock dji geo zonesrpas

If this isn’t a part of your drone operational SOP, it might cause delays to your job. So you got your RPAS approval to fly in controlled airspace, but did you check the DJI Fly safe database?

DJI Fly safe technology helps keep drone operators and manned aviation safe. The DJI GEO system prevents DJI drones from taking off and flying too close to major airports. 

Some may overlook this safety feature, go on site and realize that the drone won’t take-off. This doesn’t look good in front of clients and will cause delays as you scramble to find a computer to try and unlock the zone, or worse yet calling off the mission because it requires custom unlocking.

DJI fly safe unlocking how to

There are 2 main types of DJI GEO zones to be aware of:

  • Restricted Zones (red): will require contacting with supported authorization documents for them to customer unlock the area for you.
    • Requires custom unlocking from DJI
    • Must be done in advanced
  • Authorization zones (blue): must be unlocked from a windows computer by logging into a verified DJI account.
    • Can be self unlocked
    • Requires a DJI account, aircraft serial number and internet access

dji geo zones


You can check the GEO zones here:

If you are flying in a restricted or authorization zone, you can request the unlocking here: 

Connect with Candrone

Connect with Candrone

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