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3 things to know before renting drone and sensor equipment

3 things to know before renting drone and sensor equipment

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Renting drone equipment is an affordable alternative to the upfront investment required from outright purchasing. It allows you to assess the viability of the technology application before fully committing to it. Don't let the lack of tools hold you back from taking on opportunities to expand your business; we’re here to help with a comprehensive fleet of rental equipment and support.

At Candrone, we house the latest DJI, FLIR thermal, drone camera, and Lidar equipment for all your UAV and sensor rental needs. All rental equipment is tested and sanitized before sending it to you. User guides and remote access technical support is available to help get you started. Flexible rental packages available for drones, accessories, and turn-key systems with processing laptops and software included. Data processing service for Lidar is available at an hourly rate.

We offer competitive multi-day and weekend discount rates with expedited shipping to get it to you when and where you need it. Here are three things to consider before renting drone equipment: 


  1. Know your dimensions, accuracy requirements, resolution, and deliverables.

Our experts can help recommend customized lidar rental packages based on your needs. We can also help you estimate a rental timeline based on your physical project size.  


  1. Proof of insurance

Insurance before delivering your rental is mandatory. To prevent delays, please contact your insurance provider to see if they cover rental equipment (drone) and payloads  


  1. Prepare for delays

For projects involving drones/UAV systems, it is prudent to plan for weather conditions that can delay flying. Account for user error and recollection time. For international rentals, consider your options as soon as possible to prevent delays in shipping and customs.

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