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Hovermap Core

Hovermap Core

Hovermap Core: A Tailored Solution for AEC Industry

Emesent has recently unveiled the Hovermap Core, a new addition to their product line specifically designed to meet the needs of the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) sectors. This launch is a boon for survey teams within these industries, offering a high-precision LiDAR mapping solution that doesn't compromise on data capture quality. The Hovermap Core is a streamlined package that provides essential mapping functionalities at a more accessible price point, with the flexibility to upgrade as project demands evolve.

Key Offerings of Hovermap Core:

  • Choice of Hardware: Clients can select between the high-performance Hovermap ST or ST-X systems, both of which are celebrated for their robust performance.

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  • Data Processing Software: Included in the package is Emesent's Aura software (v1.2.2), which is adept at processing and visualizing data for comprehensive insights.

  • Mission Control App: The Emesent Commander app (v1.0) facilitates real-time mission planning and control, ensuring efficient scanning operations.

  • Support and Training: Emesent's standard product warranty backs the Hovermap Core, along with a 1-year subscription to the Emesent Academy. Clients also benefit from software updates and email support through the Customer Portal.

Expansion and Flexibility:

The Hovermap Core is not just a static solution; it's designed to grow with the client's needs. Initially, it offers Emesentโ€™s renowned SLAM-based LiDAR scanning capabilities right out of the box. As the project requirements change, teams can add functionalities such as autonomous mapping, point cloud colorization, automated Ground Control Points, and RTK GPS support.

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