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How to perform maintenance on the DJI Matrice 600 Pro drone

How to perform maintenance on the DJI Matrice 600 Pro drone

Maintenance on the DJI Matrice 600 is recommended every 50 flights or 20 hours of flying, whichever comes first. Aircraft maintenance is a critical aspect of aircraft safety, performance, and reliability. Some regulators and insurance companies require a record of maintenance, therefore it is important to keep a log as part of your standard operating procedures. Here is a summary of the maintenance manual from DJI.

Checking the DJI TB47/TB48 battery:

  1. Log each battery cycle to keep track of the battery health.Β 
  2. Check the battery status on the DJI application. You can view the voltage status of each individual cell, the 6 individual cells in each battery should not differ by more than 0.2 V.
  3. Check the electrode contacts of the battery for any corrosion.Β 
  4. Check the battery for any physical damage or deformities such as cracks and bulges.
  5. When storing the batteries for long periods of time, discharge the battery to 50% and check the batteries once a month.

Checking the M600 center frame:

  1. Inspect the upper and lower plates of the center carbon fiber frame for cracks and damages.
  2. Check the red arm lock knobs for wear or looseness. Spare knobs come in the included spare parts kit.
  3. Listen for any abnormal noises coming from the cooling fan on the upper cover.
  4. Check the rubber dampers on the Flight controller
  5. Check all cable connections are secure for the flight controller and Lightbridge.
  6. Check the square head screws for the power cables on the bottom of the center frame, screws for the expansion mounting kit, and retractable modules.Β 

Checking the M600 folding frame arms:

  1. Check that the arms move freely when moving the arms into a locking position. Tighten the screw at the connection point to adjust.
  2. Check the motor base for damage
  3. Check the connection between the motor base and arm tube
  4. Check the propeller ends of two neighboring frame arms for alignment. The vertical difference should not be more than 1cm.
  5. Check the propellers for any damage and abnormalities and replace them accordingly.
  6. Arm the motors outside and visually inspect the spinning propellers at a distance. Ensure that the blades on each arm are tracking properly and free of vibrations.

Checking the M600 landing gear:

  1. Check the servo cables and power connection for wear or looseness.
  2. Raise and lower the landing gear multiple times to verify that they are moving freely.
  3. Check for white plastic debris around the shaft screws and replace the washers under the screws accordingly.
  4. Check the shaft screws, apply thread locker, and tighten if loose.

Checking IMU and compass:

  1. Ensure aircraft and DJI application firmware are up to date.
  2. Perform IMU calibration
  3. Check the compass modules are securely mounted. Check the GPS arm mount screws.

Checking the control and Lightbridge system:

  1. Check the two antennas mounted on the landing gear are secure.
  2. Check the antenna cables for bending or damage
  3. Check the remote controller antenna for damage

Checking the Propulsion system:

  1. Shake the motor rotor gently up and down to check for looseness.
  2. Check the gap between the motor and the motor base to ensure the gap is even.
  3. Remove the propellers and start the motors. Confirm that the shaft is spinning perfectly centered. Listen for any abnormal noises from worn bearings.


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