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How to use Nav Drone

How to use Nav Drone

Nav Drone is an application by Nav Canada. It was developed to help you fly your drone safely and legally. The application is available for Apple and Android devices in addition to the web portal. With Nav Drone, you can:

  • Review important guidelines
  • Discover where you can fly
  • Plan and schedule flights
  • Request authorization to fly in controlled airspace by Nav Canada

We recommend using the Web application to setup your account as the following functionalities are ONLY available through the web application. 

  • Entering your Pilot Certificate information to plan for Advanced Operations
  • Associate a registration number to a drone
  • Upload documents, which may be required to access NAV CANADA controlled airspace
  • Associate users with an operator
  • Visualize the flight zones of active drone operations on a map
  • Edit a published operation
  • Copy an existing operation
  • Acknowledge a rescinded permission request


How to manage your Nav Drone account


 How to use the Web version of Nav Drone

  • Set up a new user profile
  • Adding your pilot certificate for advanced operations
  • Set up account
  • Register a drone
  • Plan operation


 How to plan an operation with NAV Drone

  • Planning
  • Validating
  • Saving
  • Publishing
  • Managing


 Requesting access to controlled airspace (Advanced operations)

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