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Innovating Mining Operations: The Game-Changing Role of DJI Dock 2 in Automated Security

Innovating Mining Operations: The Game-Changing Role of DJI Dock 2 in Automated Security


When it comes to mining operations, security and efficiency are paramount. The introduction of the DJI Dock 2 represents a significant leap forward in autonomous drone security and surveillance.



·      Docking drones is an emerging autonomous UAV technology

·      A drone in a box solution, deploys, shelters, and returns to the dock

·      Automatically returns to the dock to charge and upload data

·      Can be launched remotely and carry out preprogrammed routes and missions

·      Challenges the conventional need for piloted control station required on site


History of Dock Drones

The first “drone-in-a-box" technology was created by the US air force in 1968 as an exploratory project enabling the US to respond to any spot on the globe. The technology during the time just was not “there” yet.

In 2020, The United States Airforce introduced an “automated drone-based monitoring and perimeter security system for a United States Air Force (USAF) installation” as an immediate eye-in-the-sky solution. Upon the security alarm trigger, the drone will autonomously navigate to the triggered area providing an aerial view for the command center. The system can automatically patrol perimeters on schedule.

Now this state-of-the-art security technology is available to the public sector. Adding a new dimension too conventional security systems, a drone that actively tracks and monitors security breaches is more intimidating than stationary security cameras.


Current Regulatory challenges

As with most emerging technologies, the government regulations are still behind.

Operating a drone autonomously from a remote location would require BVLOS waivers and certification.

In Canada that would require a special flight operations certificate (SFOC).

We expect new certifications and regulations around BVLOS from Transport Canada within the next year or two.


Robust and Reliable for Harsh Conditions

Mining operations are often situated in remote and harsh environments, where traditional security methods face numerous challenges such as hazardous or inaccessible terrain. The DJI Dock 2, with its rugged design, is built to operate 24/7 in various weather conditions, ensuring continuous and reliable security surveillance. Its ability to withstand temperatures ranging from -35 to 50 and an IP55 ingress protection rating makes it an ideal choice for the demanding conditions of mining sites.

Sending out a drone to get a birds-eye view quickly on a situation before personal is much safer and more efficient.


Automated Operations: A New Era of Security

The true power of the DJI Dock 2 lies in its automation capabilities. Equipped with either the DJI M3D or M3T drone[VD1] , the dock allows for programmed missions using DJI FlightHub 2, facilitating automated patrols and surveillance. This not only reduces the need for manual intervention but also ensures a consistent and thorough monitoring process, crucial for early detection of potential security breaches or safety hazards.


What is Flighthub 2


FlightHub 2 is a web-based application that can be shared throughout the organization. Anyone with the credentials and a computer or tablet can monitor and control the drone remotely.

This means a command center can be used to control and monitor multiple docks in separate locations.

The dock does require power to charge and a high-speed internet connection. Technology like the Starlink solves the issue of connectivity, but power sources still need to be implemented.


Wide Area Coverage and Fast Response

One of the standout features of the DJI Dock 2 is its wide area coverage, with a 10 km operation radius. This extensive reach ensures that large mining sites can be effectively monitored. In case of any unusual activity, the drone can be quickly deployed, providing real-time visual data to the security team. This rapid response capability is critical in preventing or addressing security incidents effectively.


Advanced Camera Systems for Detailed Surveillance

The integration of wide, zoom, and thermal cameras (M3D or M3TD), along with a laser rangefinder, allows the DJI Dock 2 to capture detailed aerial data. This feature is invaluable in mining operations where monitoring large areas for unauthorized access, equipment movement, or safety hazards is essential. The high-definition live streaming capability also enables constant vigilance of both the dock and the surrounding areas.


Efficient Cloud Management and Data Storage

With the inclusion of DJI FlightHub 2, the DJI Dock 2 offers complete cloud control. This enables the scheduling of missions, creation, and editing of flight routes, and efficient management of the data collected. The collected geo-tagged pictures, videos, maps, and panoramas are automatically uploaded and stored, ensuring that crucial data is readily available for review and analysis.


Rapid Charging for Minimal Downtime

In a field where every second counts, the fast-charging capabilities of the DJI Dock 2 are a game-changer. The Dock 2 can charge the drone batteries from 10-90% in just 25 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime and maximized operational efficiency. This feature is particularly beneficial for continuous surveillance and emergency response scenarios. 

If there is a need for constant flights, multiple docks can be setup to overlap the downtime during charging.


Edge Computing for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The DJI Dock 2 is equipped with edge computing expansion slots, allowing for the pre-processing of media files and other data. This capability further enhances the operational efficiency of mining security operations, enabling quicker data analysis and decision-making.


Customizable and Integrated for Specific Needs

Recognizing the diverse needs of different mining operations, the DJI Dock 2 supports private deployment and offers a Cloud API for developers. This openness allows for customization and integration with existing security systems, ensuring that the dock can meet the specific requirements of each mining site.

The DJI Dock 2 is a revolution in the way mining operations approach security. Its combination of robust design, automated operations, wide area coverage, advanced camera systems, efficient cloud management, and rapid charging capabilities make it an invaluable asset for ensuring the safety and security of mining sites. As the mining industry continues to evolve, the DJI Dock 2 stands out as a key player in driving this transformation, ensuring operations are not only efficient but also secure.


To learn more about how drone technology can be used to secure your mining operations, contact us today! As per the Candrone Standard, any equipment you purchase from us will come bundled with complimentary training.


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