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Drone Lidar scanning services

Drone Lidar scanning services

Lidar Mapping services

Do you need aerial Lidar data for your project? We provide professional remote sensing data acquisition and data processing services world-wide. Our team of specialists is experienced in Lidar scanning applications for a variety of industries not limited to mining, forestry, natural resources, engineering, infrastructure, utilities management, etc. 

Repeatable, high-resolution, survey quality data. 

Our technology is capable of delivering dense survey grade accuracy data with multiple returns allowing for penetrating vegetation to extract ground points. We have the capability to efficiently scan 800+ acres per day with the capacity to expand based on your project size.


  • Forestry
  • Safety planning
  • Mining 
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power line transmission corridor
  • Hydrology
  • Environmental analysis

We can process LAS point cloud data to generate georeferenced mapping products that fit your needs. Bare earth models, DEM, DSM, CHM, classification and segmentation of structures, power line, and trees, are the many products we can produce from Lidar.

Why hire us to acquire your Lidar dataset?

Our team has successfully completed hundreds of Lidar scanning missions, this experience enables us to expertly and efficiently gather the data you need. 

Adopting drone and lidar technology can be expensive and time consuming due to the learning curve required. We help our clients validate the technology application before making the investment decision.

Conventional lidar data capture from manned-aircraft can be expensive. Our clients are realizing a significant cost saving, safety improvements, and operational efficiencies using our services.

Expand your service offerings and increase your revenue streams with our help. We can assist in assessing your project needs and are ready for quick deployment across North America, contact us now.

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