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Candrone Completes 24/7 Drone Project for Construction Site Monitoring

Candrone Completes 24/7 Drone Project for Construction Site Monitoring


We are proud to announce that our skilled drone service team has successfully completed a challenging 24/7 monitoring project for a major construction site. The project demanded our crew being on-site and ready to fly the drone 24/7 for a month-long period. This presented a challenge for us in terms of tight deadlines and crew resources, but we were determined to deliver on our client's needs. *Due to NDA's we can't go into the specifics about the project.



Our client required round-the-clock monitoring to detect ground disturbances  as their work progressed. Our team flew the drone on a routine basis, analyzed the data in real-time, and reported any suspected issues to the client's team, who would quickly coordinate a response to our findings.



To ensure reliable and efficient operations, we used the DJI Matrice 300 RTK as the platform of choice. The drone's high-resolution thermal imaging capabilities, combined with the Zenmuse H20T thermal camera, enabled us to capture critical information day or night. We also utilized DJI's flight hub 2 software tool to remotely monitor the project and provide seamless data upload and sharing throughout the organization.

Our team of eight skilled RPAS pilots, four main pilots, and four backups, completed stringent site-specific safety certification training before setting foot on site. The work was done in three eight-hour shifts with one pilot in command and a visual observer on site at all times. We also integrated a parachute system from AVSS with the Matrice 300 to increase safety when flying over people involved in the operation.

Thanks to the technology and team's efforts, we were able to identify and report issues promptly. Our 2-man drone operation helped reduce the cost to the client and decreasing the safety risk of people working throughout the site to manually monitor it.

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