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Precision Farming with the DJI Agras T40: How Efficient Is It? 

Precision Farming with the DJI Agras T40: How Efficient Is It? 

The DJI Agras T40 stands out as a cutting-edge agricultural drone tailored for precision crop spraying, aligning seamlessly with modern farming practices. This article aims to provide a look into how the DJI Agras T40 fares in terms of efficiency, spraying capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and performance to assist potential buyers in the agriculture drone market.  

When it comes to efficiency in flight and spraying operations, the DJI Agras T40 boasts a robust propulsion system featuring 8 coaxial motor structures that work to provide enough lift for up to 40 kilograms of payload. Additionally, the flight time on a single charge for the Agras T40 has been rated up to 40-minutes, providing maximized opportunity to cover as much ground as possible in flight.


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The Agras T40 is capable of substantial payload capacity for liquid fertilizers or pesticides, with the ability to hold up to 40 liters (~10.57 gal) of pesticides and liquid fertilizers at a time. All of this means the DJI Agras T40 is able to fly longer and farther while returning to home less frequently for refills.     


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Advanced features like precision spraying allow for tailoring spray missions to any condition with any variation in crop differentials. It incorporates autonomous technology that adjusts spraying parameters based on vegetation density and terrain, optimizing input application and reducing waste.


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The Agras T40 is able to produce droplets ranging in size from 50-300 µm, making it perfect for mixed vegetation and precision spraying in nearly any situation. Additionally, advanced sensors and flight control systems allow the T40 excels in terrain-following capabilities and real-time kinematics (RTK), meaning consistency in performance in situations ranging from spraying strawberry crowns on a flat patch of land to apple orchards that scale the sides of steep hills.  


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While the upfront cost may be higher, the T40's long-term efficiency and reduced chemical wastage contribute to cost savings, setting it apart in terms of overall value. The maximum effective spray width of the Agras T40 is 11-meters (~36-feet), which means it can cover up to 52 acres per hour. This translates to a 23-percent increase in efficiency from the DJI Agras T30.  

Case studies featuring the T40 suggest that this efficiency may actually reflect minimum savings on resources and money. In Australia, the Agras T40 is credited with reducing operational costs by nearly half while utilizing the drone’s high-resolution imagery and pairing it with its next-level precision spraying features.


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In Turkey, during a severe drought, the T40 saved up to 95% of water for crop spraying while also reducing the overall consumption and use of chemical pesticides sprayed on the same crops.  


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The agricultural drone market is evolving rapidly, marked by trends such as multi-functional drones, AI and machine learning integration for better data analytics, and increased adoption of sustainable farming practices.  Click here to learn more about the DJI Agras T40 and to contact us with questions about performance and pricing.  



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