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Should I upgrade my DJI M300 RTK to the new M350 RTK?

Should I upgrade my DJI M300 RTK to the new M350 RTK?

DJI Matrice 350 Canada

DJI's latest release has generated significant buzz among users of their flagship platform, prompting the question of whether the upgrade is truly worthwhile. Let's delve into the major updates and improvements that come with this enhanced version. 



New RC Plus controller

The RC Plus controller, a game-changing upgrade that surpasses its predecessor, the smart controller, in every aspect. With its larger size, the RC Plus controller offers a substantial improvement in comfort and ergonomics, ensuring optimal performance during prolonged drone operations.  

The RC Plus controller boasts a larger display that revolutionizes the way operators collaborate with their crew members. This expanded screen facilitates seamless sharing of the operator's perspective, eliminating the requirement for an external monitor in certain scenarios. The increased brightness of the display ensures clear viewing during daylight operations. 

Recognizing the importance of high-stress situations, the RC Plus controller introduces a valuable addition: physical hard buttons. These tactile buttons offer a reassuring and responsive alternative to the occasionally frustrating touch screen experience.   

Furthermore, the RC Plus controller has an impressive IP54 rating, rendering it resistant to dust particles and water splashes from all directions. This robust build empowers operators to confidently utilize the controller in a wide range of environments, ensuring its reliability and durability in diverse conditions.  

DJi Bs65 Canada

New battery system

The remarkable TB65 Dual-Battery System, is another advancement that stands out as a noteworthy improvement. Doubling the number of charge cycles compared to the previous TB60 batteries. This extended battery life cycle and reduces operating costs in the long run.  

Complementing the enhanced battery system is the updated BS65 charging station, that provides charging modes that are more convenient, including a quick charge mode and a storage mode for discharging batteries when not in use.  

It's worth noting that the TB65 batteries, with a firmware update, are also compatible with the M300 drone, offering users greater flexibility and compatibility across their fleet of drones.



The Aircraft

Finally moving on to the aircraft itself, the M350 introduces the DJI O3 Enterprise Transmission, which offers high-quality 1080p HD live feed, an increase from the previous 960px resolution. It also extends the maximum range to 20 km, allowing operators to cover larger areas and fly further then before.

The FPV camera now has enhanced sensor to improve low-light performance which is excellent for night missions.

Moreover, the M350 drone showcases a remarkable improvement in its IP rating, now boasting an enhanced IP55 rating compared to the previous IP45 rating of the M300. This upgrade offers superior protection against dust particles and low-pressure jets of water from all directions. Gone are the concerns about poor weather hindering operations as the M350 drone sets a new standard for reliability and resilience, allowing professionals to excel in any environment. 

The verdict

Taking these updates into account, it is important to recognize that the M300 and M350 drones share identical physical designs. However, the revisions in the M350 primarily focus on internal enhancements, such as the transmission range, FPV camera, and IP rating. 

Existing M300 owners can find reassurance in the fact that their platform is not rendered obsolete, as DJI has ensured reverse compatibility with the battery system and RC Plus controller.  

In conclusion, while the M350 introduces significant updates and improvements, it is primarily recommended for those seeking to replace their current drones or expand their fleet.

For current M300 owners, the platform remains highly relevant, and the incremental upgrades in the M350 may not warrant an immediate upgrade. 

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