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Making Sense of the UAV Exemptions in Canada

When Transport Canada announced they would be coming out with exemptions for UAV operators who wanted to fly commercially everyone hoped that it would ease some of the restrictions. However, when the exemptions came to light, they did still contain...
by Richard Cochrane on May 07, 2015  in DroneExemptionsRegulationsTransport CanadaUAV

Application Process for SFOC Part 2– Types of Applications

In this article, we’ll be looking at the different types of applications for SFOCs, so you can get a better idea of which one is the best option for you. Currently, TC has four different types of applications. They include...
by Richard Cochrane on April 17, 2015  in ApplicationCanadaDroneRegulationsSFOCUAV

A Simple Guide to Canadian Commercial Drone Regulations

Those who are just getting started in the field of UAVs and who want to take their hobby and turn it into a business often find the landscape to be quite confusing. They realize they need to know and understand...
by Richard Cochrane on April 03, 2015  in CanadaExemptionsRegulationsSFOC



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