Consumer Drones

Consumer drones are often the first experience a user has with this technology. Candrone intends to make sure that all users and potential business clients have the ability to start small and scale up. These drones provide potent functionality and can be used in many different ways including: scouting, light mapping missions and training. The general feel and function of a consumer drone lends itself very well to Enterprise-level drones. Candrone only sells what it believes to be products that will add value to your business.

GPC Mini 2 Case


PolarPro Mavic Air 2S Directors Set 5-Pack


PolarPro Air 2S VND 2-Pack


PolarPro Mavic Air 2S Vivid 3-Pack


PolarPro DJI FPV - Cinema Series Shutter Collection (3 Pack)


Drone Landing Pad


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