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Lidar Systems

Candrone is a premiere North American provider of Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) Sensor systems, and we specialize in aerial and mobile ground Lidar technology applications. With Candrone's 4+ crews, we average over 1000 energy assets - inspected, digitized and catalogued with Lidar.


Unmanned or manned

UAV, VTOL, helicopter


Mobile Lidar systems Handheld, backpack and car mounted


Capture, process
and analytical tools

Our line-up of products integrates powerful sensors from manufacturers such as Velodyne, Pandar & Riegl.

We service a variety of industries and governmental agencies not limited to: Forestry, GIS, Mining, and Construction. We provide full-service customized solutions that fit your needs, from consulting, training, flying, and rentals.

Candrone has been using Lidar technology for many applications including wind turbine inspections and other projects since 2015. Throughout our experience and engagement with our large client base, we have been very satisfied with the Green Valley International product line and therefore strongly recommend their products be considered for our clients. They aren't the only brand we carry, but they are a brand we are thoroughly impressed with.


Founded at Berkley California, Green Valley International specializes in both Lidar hardware and software. There are many clear advantages of using the same provider like offering seamless integration from data acquisition to processing. Green Valley's international team consists of over 100 employees in 4 locations worldwide. They are the ultimate choice for data capture to software processing and are continually innovating - adding new product offerings and software modules, becoming an excellent long term investment.

Their products are mountable on drone, fixed wing UAV, helicopter or vehicle. For simultaneous capture of orthomosaics, add the optional RGB Photo module and combine both Lidar or photo sets for colorized point clouds. Also, upgrade the INSS from standard (S) to professional (P) for increased accuracy. You can view Green Valley's powerful software suite and calculation tools here: (

Combine data sets from ground-based backpacks and stationary lidars to merge indoor and outdoor point clouds providing you with the entire scan of a site.

Tutorial Videos


Lidar Drone Tutorial


Lidar Data Download


Lidar Processing Tutorial


  • Cover a lot of terrain fast with Lidar sensors
  • Fly 100 - 900 metres
  • RIEGL sensor
  • Integrated camera (24 megapixel)


  • Take off car or helicopter and put on drone
  • Fly slow and low to acquire more data points
  • More thorough penetration of canopy
  • Higher resolution than a helicopter
  • Quick to deploy
  • 18 - 20 minutes of fly time
  • Built-in camera
  • Highly portable
  • Live view of data collection via laptop connection
  • Average 40 acres / flight


  • High resolution
  • Great for forestry roads
  • Easy to mount
  • Live view of data collection via laptop connection
  • Good for spotting potential future hazards that otherwise would close the road (i.e. falling trees or potential landslides)


  • If you already have your team walking, collect value datasets to merge with your aerial datasets
  • Effective for under the tree canopy
  • Walk the forest and gather valuable data
  • Trunk size
  • Forest floor data
  • Colourized point cloud
  • Camera
  • GPS / GNSS
  • 4 - 6 hours run time on each battery
  • One-click operation
Why Lidar?

Acquiring high resolution & density data with minimal atmospheric distortion (e.g. cloud cover) 

Minimization of costly aerial imagery acquired from satellite and manned aircraft missions 

Ensuring the safety of crews for inaccessible areas 

Up-to-date cost-effective management decisions

Mine & quarry mapping 

Efficient & economical Volumetric computation for asset management 

Continuous monitoring of assets 

Minimizing risk to crew 

Governmental applications
Public safety
Economic development
Asset management

3x efficiency + cost reduction from traditional methods
Reduce risks to crew in hazardous terrain

Construction site monitoring 
Infrastructure surveying 
Minimize disruptions of conventional ground crews 
Precise 3D mapping 

SAFETY: Reduced risk to crew when using UAV LiDAR systems. 

ECONOMICAL & EFFICIENT: acquisition of image data. In comparison to manned aircraft operations. 

QUALITY: High-intensity/resolution 3-D data collection; Vegetation penetration to gain accurate ground data
drive productivity and profitability.

Sample Data

LiAir S200

LiAir S200

  • Application: City
  • Data collection: LiAir S200 mounted to UAV
  • Data Format: * .LiData (Proprietary data format, must be opened in LiDAR360 - can be exported in other common formats through the software) Download Lidar360 here

  • Download Lidar .LAS data file here:
    Product Information here:
  • Lions Gate Bridge point cloud, Vancouver British Columbia, scanned with the GreenValley LiAir S200 and a DJI M600
LiBackpack C50

LiBackpack C50

  • Application: 3D Scanning
  • Data collection: LiBackpack C50
  • Data Format: * .ply .fbx
  • Data Download Links Skatepark Colorized Point Cloud:
    Skatepark FBX:
    Downtown Alley FBX file:

  • The LiBackpack can efficiently and accurately scan indoor and outdoor environments by simply walking through the area. Mobile Lidar technicians can recreate 3D environments for a variety of industries such as film, forestry, mining, construction, and much more. Delivering precision point cloud or 3D mesh data to fit your needs.
Lidar For Mining

Libackpack DG50

"Lidar sensor technology adoption is on the rise, learn how your organization can save time and money with our product, services and solutions"

Lidar Systems

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