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Thermal imaging sensors are powerful tools that can be used for identification, surveillance, and inspections. Professionals from industries such as public safety, energy, and other technicians are realizing the valuable efficiencies and intelligence gained from these tools. Thermogram converts heat energy into a live visual image of surface temperatures, that would normally be invisible to the human eye. Precise temperature readings can be viewed and extracted from images for documenting and reporting purposes. Operators are able to take immediate actions from the real time thermal imaging, such as spotting dangerous hotspots. Thermal cameras are being integrated with drone platforms to give operators a better perspective. Drones can safely and efficiently get into areas that are hazardous or hard to reach for humans.

The world-leader in thermal imaging technology produces thermal sensors for integration on UAV platforms. Drone and FLIR cameras are used for many applications including public safety, agriculture, and intelligence. Industry professionals rely on these technologies everyday to gather actional data safely and efficiently. As Western Canada's authorized FLIR dealer, we have access to a variety of FLIR products to fit your needs.









Who Benefits?

  • Agriculture Sector: Farmers that would like to boost yields and control costs, agronomists, irrigation contractors, seed companies, crop consultants, equipment dealers and growers, ranchers that need to locate cattle.
  • Mining Sector: Operators, stakeholders, equipment contractors, safety boards.
  • Security: Law enforcement performing night surveillance, monitoring docks, freight yards, parking lots and other facilities after dark, prison security watching perimeters.
  • Construction: Surveyers, real estate developers and engineers requiring accurate measurements.
  • Utility Inspection: Bridges, wind turbines, powerlines, high-rise towers, substations, cell towers.
  • Infrastructure Inspection: Solar panels, warehouse roof, highways, factories and pipelines.
  • Firefighting: Forest fires, indentifying hot spots and human life.
  • Search and Rescue:Looking under debris or for people through vegetation.
  • Insurance: Adjusters, emergency response, municipalities and governmental bodies.


  • 4K RGB recording: 4K video and thermal data can be merged to produce data that can help pinpoint hotspots.
  • Uncover hidden issues: Discover areas of interest and strategize solutions.
  • Speed of response: Act quickly and decisively to rescue and save lifes.
  • Detect faults: Identify overheating components and repair before further damage is caused.
  • Pinpoint accuracy: Heat data is stored in pixels of a thermal image.
  • Increase safety: Spot intruders and security threats in the dark of night.


DJI Zenmuse XT2

  • Dual Camera (FLIR Tau 2 Thermal-imaging sensor + 4K video)
  • Weather resistant housing
  • 3-axis stabilized gimbal
  • Choose between 9-25mm focal lengths
  • 640x512 or 336x256 thermal resolution
  • Mounts on DJI Matrice 200 & 600 series drones
  • Tap for temperature measurement
  • Temperature alarm feature


  • IP44 rating
  • 640 x 512 resolution
  • For Matrice 200 and M200 V2 series drones
  • +/- 2 degree accuracy
  • 2 - 4x digital zoom
  • MP4 + R-JPG formats

DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual

  • Compact for quick deployment capabilities
  • Dual Camera (FLIR + Visible imaging)
  • Modular attachments: spotlight, speaker, and beacon.
  • Airsense technology
  • Enhanced data encryption security
  • 30+ minutes of flight time





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