From autonomous crop spraying drones to multispectral imaging capabilities, the future of farming and agriculture is here. Agriculture professionals can increase yields by using drone data to map drainage, plant seeds, analyze crop health and identify areas of stress and evenly spray fertilizers or pesticides to help address issues. This limits fertilizer waste, applies solutions precisely, and monitors the progress to increase efficiency and identify trends. Farmers will see an increase in yield/acre.

Top Three Advantages


Bugs, insects,
fertilizer and nutrient


Spray quickly and
efficiently to the areas
that need it most when
they need it


Maximize your farm’s
yields by insuring proper
drainage maps and
thermal maps



  • Less expensive than most traditional farm equipment, drones offer a better overview of crops and ability to cover large areas more efficiently and accurately.

  • Flight planning and automation enables professionals to be proactive in monitoring their crop health and ecosystem.

  • RTK syncing technologies stamp centimeter-level precision positioning and time information to the data. Powerful data analysis software solutions give meaningful insight from the data collected, such as nutrient deficiencies, pest damage, and more.

  • Actionable data means that professionals can send in crop spraying drones to target problem areas.


  • Multispectral imaging sensors collect valuable vegetation data such as NDRE and NDVI.

  • Thermal imaging enables tracking of surface temperatures to know how to prevent crop damage.

  • Lidar sensors can create elevation and 3D models of your farm, often penetrating vegetation to map what is below.

  • Sunlight sensors capture solar irradiance and correct NDVI results, maximizing accuracy and consistency.


  • Precision sprayers with radar detectors follow terrain closely and distribute nutrients evenly to the areas that need it.


  • Drone regulations in Canada and USA require certification for operators.
  • There is a limit of what can be applied from a drone. Regulatory bodies are slowly approving regulations of fertilizers and pesticides that can be sprayed from drones.
  • Technology learning curve may require adopters to be receptive and willing to spend time learning.
  • Implementing new drone and software technology.

Overall farming and agriculture professionals can make timely data-driven decisions, resulting in lower costs and resource requirements and ultimately maximizing yields.

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