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Astro Map + Pilot Pro (Herelink RF)
Astro Map + Pilot Pro (Herelink RF)

Astro Map + Pilot Pro (Herelink RF)

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    Introducing the Freefly Astro Mapping Drone Kit: Your Gateway to Precision Aerial Imaging

    Unleash the potential of aerial mapping with Astro, Freefly's compact industrial drone platform. With over a decade of experience in delivering top-quality tools to Hollywood and global high-end productions, Freefly now brings you Astro, a drone that thrives under high-pressure scenarios and carries valuable payloads with ease.

    The Ultimate Mapping Drone Kit: What's Included

    • Astro Base Airframe: Crafted for durability and simplicity, the Astro Base airframe comes complete with all necessary tools and spare components to keep you flying smoothly.

    • 61MP Mapping Payload: Elevate your mapping capabilities with this high-resolution mapping payload. Featuring a quick-detach, vibration-isolated Freefly gimbal, the package includes the renowned Sony Alpha 7R IVA camera paired with a Sigma 24mm f3.5 lens, ensuring precision and clarity in every shot.

    • Freefly Pilot Pro Controller (Herelink RF): Take command of your Astro with the advanced Freefly Pilot Pro controller, equipped with Herelink RF technology. This controller provides intuitive, responsive control for a seamless flying experience.

    Please Note

    • Astro requires a minimum of 2 SL8 Batteries and 2 SL8 Chargers to take flight, which are not included in this kit and must be purchased separately.

    Additional Considerations

    • Pilots are required to possess skills in Manual Mode for emergency procedures. Learn more about safe operations.

    • Astro operates with two Freefly SL8-Air batteries per flight (not included in this kit). We recommend investing in 4 SL8 batteries and 2 SL8 Fast Chargers for uninterrupted flying sessions.

    • For enhanced precision, Astro is compatible with an RTK GPS Ground Station through a user-supplied ground station computer (optional).

    • Please be aware that the LTE modem functions exclusively within the United States. 

    Elevate your aerial mapping game with Astro, the flexible, reliable, and powerful drone solution from Freefly. Harness the potential of precision aerial imaging and turn your innovative ideas into reality. Order your Astro Mapping Drone Kit today and soar to new heights in mapping and exploration.



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