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Introducing the enhanced flagship drone platform, the Matrice 350 RTK redefines industry standards. This cutting-edge drone platform offers a revolutionary video transmission system, an improved control interface (New RC Plus controller), an advanced battery system, and extensive safety features. With its exceptional payload capacity and expandability, it empowers aerial operations with unparalleled innovation and strength.

🌟 What sets the DJI M350 RTK apart?

55 Minutes Max Flight Time: Enjoy an impressive 55 minutes of flight time, giving you extended flight capabilities.

IP55 Protection Rating: This drone is built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments.

2.7 kg Max Payload: Equip it with the tools and sensors you need for any mission, thanks to its impressive payload capacity.

7000m Max Flight Altitude: Reach new heights with a maximum flight altitude of 7000 meters!

πŸš€ Advanced Transmission System

The O3 Enterprise Transmission system is seamlessly integrated into the Matrice 350 RTK, offering advanced features. It provides triple-channel 1080p HD live feeds and can transmit up to an incredible 20 km away! Equipped with a four-antenna transceiver system, it enhances anti-interference capabilities and optimizes transmission stability for improved overall performance.

🌦️ Designed for Tough Conditions

With an IP54 rating, the DJI RC Plus is engineered to withstand harsh environments, ensuring dependable performance. It's both dustproof and waterproof, operating reliably in unfavorable weather conditions. Plus, it supports continuous operation in extreme hot or cold climates, with an operating temperature range of -20Β°C to 50Β°C (-4Β°F to 122Β°F).

πŸ“± Effortless and Effective Management

The remote controller boasts strategically placed buttons and dials for swift and seamless operation. Customize button functions to your preferences, resulting in an instinctive and adaptable user experience.

πŸ” Smart Inspection Capabilities

The DJI M350 RTK comes equipped with Smart Inspection capabilities, streamlining your inspection workflows. By leveraging advanced imaging and artificial intelligence technologies, this drone intelligently identifies and analyzes potential issues, saving you valuable time and resources during inspections.

🎯 Innovative Smart Pin & Track Feature

Simplify target tracking with the innovative Smart Pin & Track feature. Simply pin an object or area of interest on the display, and the drone will automatically track and follow it, providing a hassle-free aerial monitoring experience.

πŸŒ™ Enhanced Flight Performance

The Matrice 350 RTK introduces innovative features like the Arm Lock Indicator for added safety and a Night-Vision FPV Camera for clear visibility during nighttime flights.

πŸ›‘οΈ Exceptional Safety

With 6-Directional Sensing & Positioning, CSM Radar, and a Multi-Layered Redundancy Design, safety is a top priority, even in challenging environments.

πŸ”‹ New Dual Battery System and Intelligent Battery Station

The cutting-edge TB65 dual-battery system enables seamless battery hot-swapping for multiple consecutive flights. The batteries can withstand up to 400 charge cycles, reducing the overall cost per flight. The new BS65 Intelligent Battery Station offers multiple charging modes, intelligent management, and convenient 360Β°-movement wheels for transportation and transitions.

πŸ—ΊοΈ High-Precision Mapping

The Matrice 350 RTK supports various mission types, including Waypoint, Mapping, Oblique, and Linear Flight missions. Combined with DJI Terra, you can quickly obtain high-precision 2D and 3D digital results for efficient mapping operations.

🚁 Air-to-Ground Coordination

Advanced features like PinPoint and cloud-based real-time mapping enable seamless integration of air, ground, and cloud components. DJI FlightHub 2 generates a model of the operation site, facilitating communication between aircraft and ground operators.

πŸ” Automated Precision Inspection

Utilize Live Mission Recording to automate operations, saving time and effort on repetitive inspections. AI Spot-Check enhances accuracy and quality in inspections, supporting automatic framing and manual adjustments for improved results.

Elevate your drone experience with the DJI M350 RTK. Get ready for unparalleled precision, efficiency, and performance. Order yours now and embark on a new era of drone technology!