DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise - Rental

$1,000.00 CAD
Rate: Week
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Rent the Mavic 3 Enterprise

The Mavic 3 Enterprise continues to redefine the industry standards for small commercial UAVs. With a new mechanical shutter (wide-angle camera), a powerful 56x zoom camera, and an RTK module add-on for centimetre-level precision positioning, the M3E brings new efficiencies to mapping and missions.

Built for portability and quick deployment, the Mavic 3 Enterprise is perfect for beginner and veteran pilots. The M3E is capable of up to 45 minutes of flight time and can cover 2 square kilometres per flight. 

The high-performance camera features a wide-angle 4/3 CMOS, 20MP sensor with a mechanical shutter. Preventing motion blur in high-speed mapping missions without the need for ground control points. Furthermore, the 3.3μm pixels improve low-light camera performance, significantly improving image quality in dim conditions. 

Included in the rental:

  1. Mavic 3E drone
  2. RTK Module
  3. Battery Kit (3 extra batteries)