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Emesent Hovermap Core with Free Handheld 360 Image Kit

Emesent Hovermap Core with Free Handheld 360 Image Kit


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Candrone is currently offering a special promotion for the Emesent Hovermap Core with point cloud Colorization. For a limited time, customers who purchase the Hovermap Core with Colorization will receive a FREE Handheld 360 Image Kit, valued at $1650 USD. Contact us now to take advantage of this limited time offer!

Offer Details:

  • Free Handheld 360 Image Kit: This kit includes a GoPro Max 360 camera and a 360 Camera Handle Assembly (telescopic), along with a Sandisk Micro-SD Card (128GB) and an Emesent Small Air Mesh Cable Bag.
  • 50% Discount on RTK or GCP for Aura: Customers can also enjoy a 50% discount when purchasing either RTK or GCP for Aura as part of this promotion.
  • Enhanced Visual Context: The 360 Image Kit attaches neatly to the Hovermap unit, providing tools to add greater visual context to Hovermap point clouds.
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Additional Information:

  • Offer Expiration: This promotion ends on 29 February 2024.
  • Separate Purchases Required: Each Aura module (Colorization, RTK, and GCP) activation requires a separate purchase, with individual hardware and software requirements.
  • Third-Party Application for Viewing: Viewing panoramic images with Hovermap point clouds requires a third-party application (such as Pointerra3D, Cintoo Cloud, Bentley iTwin), which is not included in this offer. Pointerra3D is available for purchase from Emesent.

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