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Emesent is a leader in autonomous SLAM-based LiDAR mapping and data analytics, specializing in scanning and analyzing challenging and GPS-denied environments. Building on a decade of research at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Emesent has developed cutting-edge solutions for industries facing complex mapping challenges.

At the core of Emesent's technology is the award-winning Hovermap™, a device equipped with advanced scanning, data-capture, and visualization capabilities. This technology is tailored for rigorous demands in industries such as mining, engineering, public safety, and more. Emesent's expertise in robotics, autonomy, AI, machine learning, and data analytics enables the exploration of new possibilities and the creation of innovative technologies for the autonomous industrial assets of the future.

Emesent's solutions offer detailed mapping insights for hazardous and hard-to-reach environments, advanced autonomous mapping for complex operations, and versatile plug-and-play accessories for diverse mapping missions. They collaborate closely with customers to drive smarter decision-making, uncover deeper operational insights, and enhance efficiency and safety across various sectors.

For those in North America looking to leverage Emesent's groundbreaking technology, Candrone is your go-to authorized dealer. Candrone provides not just the products but also the expertise and support necessary to fully utilize Emesent's innovative solutions. By choosing Candrone, you gain access to their extensive knowledge and customer service, ensuring that you make the most out of your investment in advanced mapping and data analytics technology.

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