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LiAIR X3-H - Rental
LiAIR X3-H - Rental
LiAIR X3-H - Rental
LiAIR X3-H - Rental

LiAIR X3-H - Rental

$2,350.00 CAD

    Rent the GreenValley LiAir X3-H Lidar system from $2350 CAD / $1780 per week. All rentals are subject to availability, please submit a quote to get started.

    The LiAIR X3-H is the latest lightweight UAV LiDAR system from GVI for 2022. This compact LiDAR sensor provides high-performance and high-efficiency mapping, weighing in at only 1.25kg. Compatible with DJI Matrice 300 RTK and easily integrated with other compact drones in the market. 

    LiVOX AVIA provides accuracies down to ± 2cm (1σ@20m) and a scanning range of 450 meter

    The X3's new design features an IP54 rating for protection against elements. 

    New 26 Megapixel integrated camera for high-quality true-colour point clouds in addition to orthophotos for photo mapping.

    Real-time point cloud display and telemetry using LiPlan App, which can be installed on the M300 Smart controller. 




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