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Fast track your career into the drone industry

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Are you an experienced and reliable drone operator? Candrone is actively seeking professionals like you for exciting, contracted drone work. By joining our network, you'll gain exclusive access to industry-leading training, cutting-edge equipment, and lucrative contracts that will immerse you in diverse industries and applications.

Your Gateway to Thriving Drone Opportunities in North America

  • Training: We understand the importance of comprehensive training before engaging in drone operations. Our specialized industry training equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate confidently and safely near work sites.
  • Tools: Access to cutting-edge equipment is essential for successful drone operations. As a leading drone solutions provider, we offer you the opportunity to utilize the latest and most advanced enterprise drones and sensors in the market. With our top-of-the-line equipment, you can be assured of getting the job done efficiently and effectively.
  • Flexibility: We value your work-life balance. Choose contracts that align with your schedule and preferences. There's no commitment until you accept a contract, allowing you the freedom to select projects that suit your availability and interests.
  • Impact: Your work as a drone operator holds significant societal value. Whether you're on the front lines of a wildfire, providing critical insights to firefighters, or conducting environmental monitoring, your contributions make a tangible impact. By utilizing drones, you play a crucial role in creating a safer and more sustainable world.

The application process

  • Fill and submit your application
  • Our team will review your application
  • Upon acceptance, we will send you an agreement
  • You will be notified of future opportunities


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