Drones In Construction And Engineering

Investment spending into drone technology from architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) organizations is expected to exceed $11 billion. This speaks volumes to the disruptive potential of drones as a tool to this industry as companies are realizing major efficiencies and safety improvements from implementing drones.

  • Frequency: drones can be deployed to collect up-to-date data on a regular interval with minimal cost and disruption to operations.
  • Data quality: sensor technology enables operators to collect high-quality precision data from LiDAR and other camera sensors. Furthermore, imaging data can be obtained from hard to reach or in accessible areas.
  • Data analysis: data can be processed into 3D photogrammetry or point-clouds which can be further analyzed to extract volumetric calculations, stockpiles, elevation models etc.
  • Safety: operators can collect data from a safe vantage point improving safety up to 55%, reducing the need for humans to enter often hazardous environments.
  • Efficiency: drones and sensors can collect data from large areas more efficient and accurate than a person.


  • Construction site progress monitoring: daily or even hourly flights can be performed to document and digitize sites.
  • Structural inspections: can be performed with ease using drone platforms with high-zoom cameras such as the Z30.
  • Site surveys: elevation modeling, centimeter-level precision survey grade mapping capabilities.
  • Stakeholder presentations: create stunning presentations from a different perspective from high-definition video and photo captures. 
  • Building Information Management BIM: digitize assets with real life dimensions.

Connect with Candrone

Connect with Candrone

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