Cell towers, bridges, railroads, flare stacks and other infrastructure traditionally can be hard to inspect using current methods. Fortunately, new technological advances such as enterprise-grade drones and miniaturization of sensors now make mandatory inspections safer, quicker and more enjoyable for modern companies. Utilize a thermal camera or a 30x zoom lens to capture data in hard to reach areas easily, for example.

Top Three Advantages


Out of your vehicle and
up in the air in less than
5 minutes


Reach 100m within
a few seconds


3D scan with
and laser



  • Modern companies can gather actionable 2D and 3D data of building information, land surveys and more

  • Inspect bridges, rail lines and overpasses without scaffolding or booms

  • Identify vegetation encroachment, downed wires and trees and other potential hazards

  • Create a thermal map of roofs

  • Spot leakages and inefficiencies quickly and safely

  • Reduce jetfuel costs

  • Drastically reduce or eliminate the need for helicopters and pilots

  • Inspect for critical hazards and relay the information to avoid dangers like downed power lines, floods or forest fires

  • For the past 4 years, Candrone has been inspecting thousands of wind turbines utilizing sensor technology. Our team of experts has helped document assets and identify cracks, stress marks, and other deficiencies that would otherwise, if left unattended, would reduce efficiency and output. That data is then shared to a team of experts and stakeholders who can then take decisive action to keep operations go smoothly.

Drone Inspection

One of the biggest hurdles that companies face when attempting to adopt drone technology is product selection, the operational learning curve and navigating regulations. We provide our clients with end-to-end solutions to help them get the jumpstart needed to confidently use drone technology.

Our clients have relied on us to get the right equipment, training and support, which has resulted in countless successful integration of UAV and sensor technologies into inspection operations. It has increased safety and efficiency, ultimately reducing costs on all sites.

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Connect with Candrone

Connect with Candrone

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