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Don't feel like flying? we can supply pilots, permits, insurance and data processing with 10 years of expertise.

Why Lidar?

Acquiring high resolution & density data with minimal atmospheric distortion (e.g. cloud cover) 

Minimization of costly aerial imagery acquired from satellite and manned aircraft missions 

Ensuring the safety of crews for inaccessible areas 

Up-to-date cost-effective management decisions

Mine & quarry mapping 

Efficient & economical Volumetric computation for asset management 

Continuous monitoring of assets 

Minimizing risk to crew 

Governmental applications
Public safety
Economic development
Asset management

3x efficiency + cost reduction from traditional methods
Reduce risks to crew in hazardous terrain

Construction site monitoring 
Infrastructure surveying 
Minimize disruptions of conventional ground crews 
Precise 3D mapping 

SAFETY: Reduced risk to crew when using UAV LiDAR systems. 

ECONOMICAL & EFFICIENT: acquisition of image data. In comparison to manned aircraft operations. 

QUALITY: High-intensity/resolution 3-D data collection; Vegetation penetration to gain accurate ground data
drive productivity and profitability.

Why Candrone?

Industrial experience

Experienced systems integrators

Complete turn-key solutions

Customized solutions



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