What temperatures can the DJI Matrice 300 fly in?

Matrice 300 agriculture canada

DJI wasn’t bluffing when they said the Matrice 300 RTK was built tough.

British Columbia broke some heat records in the past week. Our service team was out on a project with the team at Terramera on a scorching hot day to perform a photogrammetry mission using the Matrice 300 and the new Zenmuse P1. 

Matrice 300 drone

The sweltering heat wave was no match for the DJI Matrice 300 RTK and Zenmuse P1. Our service team conducted 2 hours of back to back photo mapping missions with the temperatures hitting 40°C (104°F). We are happy to report the system performed flawlessly as expected. The operating temperature rating for the Matrice 300 is -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122° F).

M300 + P1 camera

Our client needed extremely high resolution data, so we flew a mission at 12m height above the crops. Allowing us to achieve 0.15cm GSD data. This mission required 4 battery sets and produced over 100gb of data.


m300 hotswap
The Zenmuse P1 produced detailed images of leaf surfaces, which was what our team was after. This is an image zoomed in digitally at 400x.
DJI P1 zoom

Key findings:

  • We found that the M300 and P1 can fly for approximately 35 minutes leaving us with 25% battery remaining. A portable generator is a must have for drone service work!
  • The hot swapping capabilities really helped to improve the efficiency, we ran the M300 like a Nascar race, landing and swapping the batteries without shutting down the drone, which reduced time rebooting and kept us in the air. We flew the system until the 25% power mark and paused it, the Pilot app allowed us to resume the mission from the last point.
  • The P1 produces very large images, an important consideration when using the P1 is data management. We recommend bringing extra memory cards into the field along with extra hard drives to back up data. You must use class 3 cards in the P1, we encountered a situation where the camera would stop collecting data when we used a lower speed card, which we assume is due to the buffer filling up.

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