DJI Dock 2

$10,879.00 CAD
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DJI introduces the Dock 2, a compact and high-performance drone nest designed for the exclusive Matrice 3D/3TD drone. This advanced docking station not only features a lightweight design and easy deployment but also boasts superior operational capabilities and cloud-based intelligent functions. These enhancements significantly lower the threshold for unattended operations, propelling efficiency and quality to new heights.

*Dock 2 Docking station only for Matrice 3D or Matrice 3TD, drone and batteries sold separately.

Key Features of DJI Dock 2

  • Compact and Lightweight: DJI Dock 2 is 75% smaller and 68% lighter than its predecessor, making it easily transportable by just two individuals. This flexibility in installation reduces installation costs and allows for rapid deployment in various locations.
  • Efficient Site Evaluation: Leveraging vision sensors, the aircraft can swiftly assess its surroundings to ensure strong GNSS signals, streamlining site selection from hours to just minutes.
  • Rugged and Reliable: With an IP55 dustproof and waterproof rating, Dock 2 is built to operate in harsh climates and environments, ensuring steady operation over extended periods.
  • Integrated Environmental Monitoring: Dock 2 integrates multiple sensors to monitor real-time weather changes, effectively reducing flight risks through timely warnings or task termination.
  • Quick Charging and Takeoff: The system charges the aircraft from 20% to 90% in just 32 minutes, supporting efficient consecutive operations. It also enables quick takeoff, entering operational status in as little as 45 seconds.

Enhanced Operation with Cloud-Based Modeling

DJI Dock 2 introduces cloud-based modeling and FlyTo tasks, enabling operators to generate high-precision 3D models from collected flight data. This cloud integration allows for intuitive flight route editing, AI spot-checks, and live flight controls, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Open Ecosystem and Extensive Capabilities

The Dock 2 supports third-party payloads such as loudspeakers and spotlights, expanding its functionality. With edge computing expansion interfaces and Cloud API for private deployment, Dock 2 offers an open ecosystem for a wide range of applications.

Ideal for Various Industries

DJI Dock 2 is tailored for public safety, electricity, oil and gas, AEC & surveying, construction, and more, providing a compact and high-performance platform for unattended operations.

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