DJI Mavic 3E Photogrammetry Mapping Kit

$10,757.00 CAD
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    The Mavic 3 Enterprise Photogrammetry Kit is for professionals eager to embark on drone mapping. This kit is ideal for surveyors, GIS professionals, and anyone in need of a comprehensive drone mapping solution. It includes both the necessary hardware and software components.

    Please note that this is a sample package, and customization options are available. For a tailored kit that meets your specific needs, please request a quote, and our experts will assist you in making the right choices.

    Kit Contents:

    • Mavic 3 Enterprise Drone: A high-performance drone designed for precision and efficiency in aerial mapping.
    • Enterprise Battery Kit: Ensures extended operational time with additional power sources.
    • Mavic 3 RTK Module: Enhances the drone's positioning accuracy, crucial for detailed and precise mapping.
    • D-RTK 2 Base Station: Provides real-time differential data to the drone, further improving its accuracy. (Also compatible with the GVI LiBase, Emlid RTK, etc.)
    • Base Station Tripod: Offers a stable platform for the D-RTK 2 Base Station, ensuring reliable performance.

    Customization and Pricing:

    • This package is an example configuration, and you have the flexibility to add or remove accessories as needed.
    • Request for Quote: Contact us for a personalized consultation. Our experts will guide you through customizing the kit to perfectly suit your professional requirements.

    The Mavic 3 Enterprise Photogrammetry Kit is an all-in-one solution for those stepping into the world of drone mapping, offering the perfect blend of advanced technology and user-friendly features.

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