Greenvalley LiAir H800

$80,973.00 CAD
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    The LiAir H800 is a state-of-the-art airborne LiDAR system for high-performance scanning applications. Its lightweight design is compatible with popular drones like the DJI M300 and M350, making it an ideal choice for various aerial surveying tasks. The LiAir H800 sets a new standard in precision and efficiency, catering to industries such as forestry, disaster management, and powerline inspections.

    Key Features

    • High Frequency & Long Range: Operating at a frequency of 1000 kHz, the LiAir H800 boasts an impressive scanning range of up to 1000 meters, ensuring comprehensive coverage and detailed data collection.

    • Lightweight Design: Weighing just 2.2 kg, this system is easy to transport and deploy, maximizing operational flexibility and reducing logistical constraints.

    • Advanced Camera Integration: Equipped with a 26 MP camera, the LiAir H800 captures high-resolution images that complement the LiDAR data, providing enriched datasets for more accurate analysis.

    • Self-Adaptive Point Cloud Density: This feature ensures optimal point cloud density based on the scanning environment, enhancing data quality and reducing processing time.

    • High Penetration Capability: The system’s small light spot size and advanced algorithms enable it to penetrate dense vegetation, making it highly effective for forestry applications.

    • Support for Multiple Echoes: With the ability to process up to 7 echoes, the LiAir H800 can detect multiple return signals from a single pulse, improving the accuracy of terrain and object detection.


    • Forestry Investigation Perform detailed vegetation mapping and biomass estimation with high penetration and resolution capabilities.

    • Topographic Survey: Achieve rapid and accurate topographic mapping with a coverage rate of up to 7 square kilometres per hour.

    • Disaster Investigation: Conduct efficient surveys of disaster-affected areas to aid in response and recovery efforts.

    • Powerline Inspection: Inspect and precisely monitor powerline corridors, ensuring safety and reliability.

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