GreenValley Lidar - LiAir V
DJI M210 with Liair V lidar
GreenValley Lidar - LiAir V
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GreenValley Lidar - LiAir V

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LiAir V is a newly designed, light-weighted airborne LiDAR system of GreenValley International. Powered by the revolutionary laser scanner, Livox Mid-40, LiAir V has become the most cost-effective LiDAR system in the LiAir series. With high flexibility (can be mounted on both DJI M200, M300 RTK and DJI M600 Pro), LiAir V can provide high-accuracy point cloud of different environments for the users in various industries, e.g. surveying, forestry, power line inspection.

Acquisition & GNSS/INS Post-Processing Software

LiAcquire is the one-stop software for acquisition and post- processing for LiAir V. LiAcquire monitors the data acquisiton process in real-time, processes GNSS/INS data to generate scanning trajectory in cm-level accuracy, uses it to georeference point clouds and images, and outputs an quality report for performance evaluation.

Mission Planning Software

LiPlan is a UAV ground station application designed for LiAir series. LiPlan automates flight route generation following user- defined Region of Interest and surveying parameters, and with the one-button take-off design, LiPlan auto-pilots through the calibration figure-8 maneuvers and data acqusition flight routes.

Point Density

LiairV lidar point density chart


Laser Sensor

Livox Mid-40

Range Accuracy

± 2 cm

Scan Range

90 m @ 10% reflectance

130 m @ 20% reflectance

260 m @ 80% reflectance

System Accuracy

± 5 cm

POS System Performance

Attitude: 0.05° (1σ)

Azimuth: 0.05° (1σ)

Onboard Storage

128 GB

Ports Available

Ethernet & USB 3.0

(excl. battery & camera)

2.8 kg (Std Version)

1.3 kg (Light Version)

Dimensions (Main Unit)

Route Planning Software

LiPlan (proprietary)

Acquisition/PP POS Software

LiAcquire (proprietary)

Field of View


Scan Rate

100,000 pts/s


Connect with Candrone

Connect with Candrone

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