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GVI LiAir V70 Lidar + LiGeoreference + Camera
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GVI LiAir V70 Lidar + LiGeoreference + Camera

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The original LiAir V is now discontinued, please check out the newer and enhanced LiAir V X3-H model: HERE

The LiAir V70 is GVI's latest UAV/sUAS survey Lidar system. Weighing in at 1.1kg with the optional Sony A5100 RGB camera integration (0.9kg without camera), the compactness of this system was designed to be mounted on the DJI Matrice 210 V2, Matrice 300 RTK, and Matrice 600 Pro.

The V70 integrates the Livox AVIA sensor to produce high accuracy 3D point cloud data rated at ± 5 cm. Up to 320-meter scanning range and triple return capability makes the LiAirV system optimal for penetrating vegetation or forestry applications.

Laser sensor: Livox AVIA

FOV: 70.4°

Scan rate: 240,000 pts/s (first return), 480k pts/s (dual), 720k pts/s (triple)

Range Accuracy: ± 2 cm

Range: 190m @ 10% reflectance, 230m @ 20% reflectance, 320m @ 80% reflectance

System Accuracy: ± 5 cm

Onboard storage: 128GB

Mounting platform: DJI M210 Series, M300, M600

Optional RGB camera: Sony A5100

Weight: 0.9kg (without camera), 1.1kg (with camera)

Dimensions: 110 x 81.6 x 140.2mm



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