LiGrip H300 - GreenValley Handheld LiDAR

$44,280.00 CAD
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    Introducing the LiGrip H300, the latest breakthrough in GreenValley's LiGrip handheld series. This sleek and compact device redefines ease of use with its lightweight design, user-friendly interface, and versatile mounting options.


    • Up to 1,920,000 pts/sec in triple return mode
    • 300-meter scan range
    • Up to 1cm accuracy

    With its cutting-edge technology, the LiGrip H300 enables rapid data capture across a wide range of platforms, including handheld, backpack, vehicle-mounted, and drone-mounted configurations.

    Unlock the potential of multiple high-precision mapping techniques, including SLAM, PPK-SLAM, and RTK-SLAM, allowing you to effortlessly collect point cloud data with precise coordinates. When paired with GreenValley's proprietary LiDAR 360 and LiDAR 360MLS software, the LiGrip H300 excels at overcoming challenges in mapping, mining, forestry, and road asset surveying, making it the ultimate solution for tackling last-mile mapping tasks.

    Exceptional Sensor Performance Equipped with advanced sensors, the LiGrip H300 excels in swiftly capturing extensive scene data. It boasts an impressive scanning range of up to 300 meters and a rapid scan rate of up to 1.9 million points per second. Additionally, its 1-inch CMOS detachable panoramic camera delivers stunning imagery with a resolution of 6528Γ—3264 pixels.

    Versatile Mapping Capabilities Experience the versatility of the LiGrip H300 with its support for multiple high-precision mapping methods, including SLAM, PPK-SLAM, and RTK-SLAM. These capabilities empower you to efficiently acquire point cloud data with precise absolute coordinates.

    Flexible Installation Options The LiGrip H300 offers versatile installation options, allowing it to seamlessly adapt to various platforms, including handheld, backpack, vehicle-mounted, and drone-mounted configurations. This versatility makes the LiGrip H300 the ideal solution for addressing last-mile challenges in diverse applications, such as terrain mapping, forestry analysis, mining operations, power line inspection, 3D building modeling, and road asset surveying, among others.

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