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UAV Drone Training - Ground School

UAV Drone Training - Ground School


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Online UAV Drone Training for UAV / Drone pilots and operators in Canada

Recognized by Transport Canada in support of your SFOC application or to fly under the UAV exemptions.We issue a Certificate to you upon successful completion of the course.

Online UAV Drone Training is a course that is in compliance with the Transport Canada document: TP 15263 – Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems (UAV) 25 kg or less, Operating within Visual Line of Sight.

It covers the following topics and more for effective and safe UAV Operations:

  1. Introduction to UAVs
  2. Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight
  3. Canadian Aviation Regulations
  4. UAV Airframes, Engines and Systems
  5. Meteorology
  6. Navigation
  7. Radio and Electronic Theory
  8. Flight Operations
  9. Licensing Requirements
  10. Human Factors and Pilot Decision Making

This ground school program is recognized by Transport Canada.

This course is not a certificate that allows you to use your drone.

Only Transport Canada has jurisdiction to issue permits.

You will need to apply for SFOC with Transport Canada to use a drone for commercial purposes.

Our certificate is one of the requirements for an SFOC application.


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