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GreenValley - LiBase RTK Base station
GreenValley - LiBase RTK Base station
GreenValley - LiBase RTK Base station

GreenValley - LiBase RTK Base station

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The Greenvalley LiBase is a full-constellation GNSS receiver with an advanced RTK algorithm. This system offers a comprehensive solution for achieving highly accurate positioning. With 1198 channels for full constellation tracking, LiBase ensures reliable centimeter-level accuracy in a variety of conditions.

By utilizing the powerful signal tracking and advanced RTK algorithm provided by the K8 GNSS OEM module, LiBase can adapt to complex and challenging environments while maintaining centimeter-level positioning accuracy. This makes it a valuable tool for applications requiring precise geolocation, such as surveying, mapping, and precision agriculture.

The Greenvalley LiBase is lightweight, compact, and mobile, making it an ideal choice for fieldwork and on-the-go applications. Weighing just 0.85 kg with two batteries included, it is easy to hold with one hand and can fit into any pocket. This portable design allows users to carry it effortlessly and set it up quickly in various locations.

The hot-swappable batteries feature a large 6600mAh capacity, ensuring that the LiBase can operate for more than 12 hours on a single charge. With a charging time of less than 3 hours, users can quickly recharge the device and continue working without significant downtime.

These design features make the Greenvalley LiBase an attractive option for professionals and enthusiasts alike who require a portable and reliable GNSS receiver with impressive battery life for their geolocation needs.

What's included:

- LP1 Handheld unit

Not included:

- Survey tripod

- Rover pole / adapters



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