Altum-PT Multispectral Kit

$20,750.00 CAD
Package: Multispectral kit
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    Introducing the Altum-PT, a groundbreaking 3-in-1 sensor designed for advanced remote sensing and agricultural research. This sensor seamlessly integrates a 12 MP high-resolution panchromatic sensor, a new thermal sensor with double the ground resolution of its predecessor, and five discrete spectral bands. It's the ideal tool for sophisticated applications like early-stage crop counting and environmental research.

    Key Features:

    • High-Resolution Panchromatic Sensor: The 12.4 MP sensor enhances the spatial resolution of multispectral data to 1.25 cm per pixel, providing leaf-level detail.
    • Advanced Thermal Sensor: The 320 x 256 FLIR Boson® thermal sensor delivers precise thermal maps with a ground sample distance (GSD) of 17 cm from 60 m altitude.
    • Five Multispectral Bands: Covering blue, green, red, red edge, and near-IR, these bands are essential for detailed vegetation analysis.
    • Rapid Capture Rate: With a CFexpress 2 TB storage, Altum-PT captures up to 2 images per second, streamlining data collection.
    • Global Shutter: Ensures distortion-free image capture, crucial for accurate data analysis.
    • NDAA Compliant: Designed and manufactured in the USA, meeting stringent compliance standards.

    Why Altum-PT?

    • Calibrated Multispectral Imagery: Comes with a Reflectance Panel and a DLS2 light sensor, ensuring accurate data under varying conditions.
    • Powerful AI Capabilities: The high-resolution imagery is perfect for AI applications like plant counting and advanced vegetation research.
    • Enhanced Image Clarity: Praised by experts for its superior resolution and efficiency compared to other cameras.
    • Open Interface: Easily integrates with various drones and software platforms, including DJI’s M300 RTK drones.
    • Synchronized Capture: Simultaneous capture of thermal, multispectral, and panchromatic bands for efficient data processing.


    • Versatile Mapping and Analysis: Ideal for detecting irrigation issues, disease, pest, and nutrient deficiencies, and for plant phenotyping and yield estimations.
    • Thermal Imaging for Irrigation Management: Identifies clogs and leaks in irrigation systems through thermal variations.

    What’s Included:

    • Multispectral kit:* Includes the Altum-PT sensor, DLS2 light sensor, CRP2 panel, and essential accessories.
    • Multispectral Kit with DJI SkyPort:* Adds RTK support for DJI M300 drones.

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